An Alternative to College Loan Debt Forgiveness

Perdue University is one of the first to embrace this alternative.


The Politicalization of Professional Medical Organization

Professional medical organizations have become increasingly political. That's bad news for patients.

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cá cược miễn phí 2019Lesson of the Shutdown: Government Controls Too Much of Economy

If the shutdown continues long enough to cause serious discomfort, people are going to begin murmuring the dreaded "p word"--for privatization. This is probably not where the Democrats want the discussion to go.


Veteran Journalist Sara Carter Reporting From the Border This Week

Veteran journalist and IWF Senior Fellow Sara Carter is reporting live this week from the Southern border.

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cá cược miễn phí 2019American Psychological Association Deems Traditional Masculinity "On the Whole Harmful"

The APA guidelines come at a time when masculinity is under attack. They are based on trendy academic concepts rather than science.

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Parental Choice Wins in Florida

Last week the Florida Supreme Court upheld two landmark parental choice programs, ending ten years of litigation.


A Conservative Woman Explains What She Likes about Justice Ginsburg

I’ve had a girl crush on Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a long time, despite my differences with her judicial philosophy.




Parents Have a Right to Educational Options for Their Kids

Via The Daily Caller

by Inez Feltscher Stepman

Alongside an entire slate of ludicrous legislation in the Golden State, California’s AB2601 went into effect in the new year...

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cá cược miễn phí 2019Changes to Title IX enforcement are common sense

Via The Hill

by Inez Feltscher Stepman

Women have nothing to fear from the Title IX proposed changes by Secretary Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education...

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As President Trump Calls For Low Drug Prices, Media Hypes Pharma’s Recent Increases

Via American Council on Science and Health

by Jamie Wells


At Their Summit, I Saw How Glamour Magazine Can Broaden Its Appeal by Welcoming Right Women

Via The Federalist

by Karin Agness

The biggest compliment Glamour could pay its readers is to respect their intellect and give them something to think about in the form of real debate...


cá cược miễn phí 2019The District Court Decision Striking Down the ACA Is a Model of Restraint


by Erin Hawley

The ACA is one of the most contentious statutes of our time, and that the district court refrained from issuing a nationwide injunction in this case is a win for everyone...



Strong Labor Market Gives Us Hope in Our Economy ? Making Money with Charles Payne

Do Companies Take Advantage of Our New Year’s Insecurities? ? Bold Life

Once People Understand Medicare for All, It Not Longer Sounds Like a Good Idea ? After the Bell

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Why Do Women Support Trump? ? Rocky D. Radio ? Listen >>>

Check Your Progressive Privilege, Carrie Lukas President of the Independent Women's Forum ? Americhicks ? Listen >>>

cá cược miễn phí 2019PETA Says Eating Eggs Makes You a Bad Feminist ? Steve Gruber Show ? Listen >>>


cá cược miễn phí 2019Mentions

Education Choice Reforms in 2019

Via The Heartland Institute

by Vicki E. Alger

Vicki Alger, Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum joins the podcast to discuss her efforts on education reform, what options are available for parents and lawmakers, and what we can expect from the states in 2019...


Whitmer signs equal pay rules barring state officials from inquiring into pay history

Via The Detroit News

by Carrie L. Lukas


Podcast: Making Sense of the Latest Jobs Report

Via The Daily Signal

by Ericka Andersen Sylvester


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